SEPTWOLVES Branding Website
June 18, 2015, Septwolves, as the representative brand of Chinese menswear, debut in China Corporate Pavilion on Expo Milan 2015. The brand’s exhibition was of its 25 years development history which also showed Septowlves’ pioneering and innovating role in Chinese fashion industry. The Opening Ceremony of Septwolves 25th Anniversary Culture Week was successfully held under the witness of many distinguish guests such as Italian government officers,celebrities and nationwide Italian press.
In the past 25 years, Septwolves has always been carrying forward the oriental culture to the world and also striving to extend the Chinese fashion influence worldwide. Over the years, Septowolves keeps exploring every developing possibility in various fields, and persist in its diversified development idea based on its apparel manufacturing background. Thereby the brand has created a distinctive brand style of its own.