SEPTWOLVES Branding Website
Septwolves, founded in 1990, is a leading menswear brand in China. In 2000, Septwolves released its representative product-plaid jacket, which immediately became popular throughout China. From then on Septwolves started to be hailed as the “King of Jacket” and has ranked top in men’s jacket market share for over 15 successive years. Septwolves ‘going public in the SME board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange is also the first step into the capital market for Fujian garment industry. Until 2015 April, the company has reached a total market capitalization of more than 12,4 billion RMB.
As the one of that in“ China ‘s Fortune 100” by Brand Z Award, Septwolves was the pioneer to bring up the brand culture theory within the industry ,and has firstly developed a modern enterprise management system, stressing on brand value and promoting various lifestyle. Based on Chinese traditional culture, Septwolves has absorbed Western trendy element into its product design, and has been always committed to promote the mutual combination of traditional culture and modern creative industry.
“Man has multiple facets”, Septwolves has multiple pursuit. Highlighting its international quality and cultural style, Septwolves will keep inheriting the tradition with fashion and representing Chinese fashion industry to the world.